Oxi liner is an epoxy blow in place pipe relining system. The system is designed to shoot epoxy structural liner in to potable and non-potable pipes that vary in size ranging from 15mm up to 50mm.

OXI Liner Overview

The Oxi Liner system is designed to shoot a protective epoxy coating into a potable or non-potable water pipe, as a fast, clean repair for leaking or damaged pipes from 15mm to 50mm internal diameters. 

Oxi Liner uses Industry-Approved Epoxies for both Potable and Non-Potable processes. The stainless steel Oxi tube which acts as a pressure vessel is used to sandblast the inner lining of the pipe. This method is used to create a rough surface for the non potable epoxy to go travel through.  

Once the pipe has been thoroughly cleaned the process repeats only this time with a protective epoxy coating allowing for high portability and low noise levels. The epoxy pipe relining process is ideal for hotels, multiple story buildings and hard to get to areas.

The oxi tube doesn’t require electricity to run but instead relies on an oxygen tank which is ideal for those hard to reach places. It can reline right through a bath trap or shower trap and still epoxy coat all the branches for over 6 meters in one line.

OXI Liner innovation

Pipe Relining Camera Inspection


Find out exactly what is happening in your waste, sewer or stormwater drains without having to excavate.

Camera Inspection | Pipe Relining Cape Town


Our high-resolution CCTV drain cameras provide the most accurate and cost-effective methods of determining the condition and status of all potable or non-potable water pipes. 



A CCTV pipe inspection will easily identify blockages, breaks, misaligned joints, root infestation and the general condition of the pipe itself.

Oxi Liner key Benefits

Oxi Liner | Pipe Relining Cape Town


Let our specialised pipe relining team educate you on the benefits of the OXI Liner system.


It only takes a team of two pipe relining specialists to shoot a protective epoxy coating into a potable or non-potable water pipes.


This structural relining system is ideal for hotels and/or multiple story buildings due to its high mobility and rapid drying times.

Cost Effective

Our OXI Liner process allows for a cost effective and efficient way to restore old, damaged water pipes.

Water Pipes

The potable epoxy has been specially developed for drinking water pipes, to easily seal holes or corroded pipe walls.

Nothing Is Impossible

We can reline any water pipe ranging from 15mm to 50mm in diameter with efficiency and ease.

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