pipe relining

The ‘no-dig’ solution to repairing and renewing broken sewers. Innovative, Trenchless, Non-Invasive Technology.

Pipe Relining Overview

Pipe relining attempts to repair your pipes by curing them from the inside using a special resin. The resin cures with time to form another strong (in some cases, even stronger than the original) pipe.

In this method, the resin is the key to curing the pipe. A resin-saturated felt tube made out of a suitable material (generally polyester or fibreglass) for resin impregnation, is inserted into a damaged pipe. This resin then hardens and forms another pipe within the damaged pipe.

The insertion takes place from an access point which is upstream. Although inserting from a downstream access point is possible, it is riskier and hence avoided. Depending on your specific pipe rehabilitation needs, we offer cured in place lining, UV lining, inversion lining, barrier and epoxy coating.

We rehabilitate pipes ranging from 75mm – 1500mm in diameter, and we offer several choices when addressing the tricky art of dealing with junctions. From stack pipes, collapsed lines underground or beneath concrete, there is nothing too big for us to handle.

Pipe Relining


Cutting edge technology that repairs restores and renews the inner walls of deteriorated and/or failing water pipes or drainage systems. It is a lifetime solution that is saving our clients time and money.

Pipe Relining


Trenchless pipe restoration solutions mean we can replace your drain pipes without the need for digging/chopping or breaking any area. This makes relining a more cost-effective and less intensive method than traditional ‘dig and replace’ pipe repair methods.

Pipe Relining


We can reline any pipe sizes ranging from 75mm to 1500mm. A breakage from just a few millimetres to a foot in length is easily relined with our state of the art equipment. Types of pipes include PVC, mild steel, cast iron, earthenware, HDPE, plastic and more.

PIPE RELINING key Benefits

Pipe Relining


Save time and money with state of the art pipe relining methods.

Strength and Durability

This is a lifetime durable solution that doesn't require excessive maintenance or repair.

Ecologically friendly

Our pipe relining techniques contribute to green living or practices that help conserve resources like water and energy.

Safe for drinkable water

Pipe relining remains a safe and secure measure for the restoration of water lines.


Track and trace underground networks

Nothing Is Impossible

Inspect! Any drain, any place and any time!

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