pipe relining camera inspection

Knowing the current condition of pipelines is essential for maintaining wastewater and stormwater network systems. Through our pipe relining camera inspection technology we are able to offer a comprehensive, technical and environmentally-friendly solution to pipeline inspection.


Our pipe relining camera inspection technology allow our Pipe Relining team to video inspect the inside of stormwater and drain pipes, as well as identify problem areas like cracks, breaks and blockages without damaging the pipe. They record the inspection for reporting purposes. In combination with a sonde attached to the back of the camera head, our drainmen are able to accurately predict the location and depth of your wastewater system.

We use a range of specialist pipe relining drain cameras built for drain diagnostics. Our pipe relining camera inspection technology adheres to pipes ranging from 50mm to 300mm. With this state of the art technology we are able to provide accurate maps which identify the location of any section of pipe with a loss of integrity or which poses as a possible loss in the future.

Pipe Relining Camera Inspection


Find out exactly what is happening in your waste, sewer or stormwater drains without having to excavate.

Pipe Relining Camera Inspection


Our high-resolution CCTV drain cameras provide the most accurate and cost-effective methods of determining the condition and status of all sewer and stormwater drains

Pipe Relining Camera Inspection


A CCTV pipe inspection will easily identify blockages, breaks, misaligned joints, root infestation and the general condition of the drain itself.

key Benefits

Pipe Relining Cape Town


Make informed decisions quickly

item inspection

Identify and repair only affected and/or damaged areas


Cameras are mobile, easy & quick to deploy

Save Money

Camera Inspection is cost-effective with radical results


Track and trace underground networks

Nothing Is Impossible

Inspect! Any drain, any place and any time!

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