Problems with blocked drains? Grease, sludge, sand and debris are the main causes of commercial drain line blockages. Pipe Relining Cape Town offer professional, reliable and affordable Drain Cleaning services you can count on.  

Drain cleaning Overview

There is nothing worse than a blocked drain. Often the cause of a blocked drain is the build up of fat, oil and grease from cooking. Largely due to misinformation, many households tend to wash warm fat and grease generated from cooking down the drain which leads to a large amount of debris sticking to the walls of your pipes. When this happens your drains become blocked resulting in pour drainage and a build up of bacteria. 

The only way to properly remove the fat, oil and grease build up in the walls of your pipes is to contract a professional plumber and/or sewer company to thoroughly inspect and clean your pipes. At Pipe Relining Cape Town, we offer Hydro Jetting drain cleaning solutions which is proven to be an effective method in removing stubborn debris from your pipes. We also make use of the Miller Tools to grind away even the most stubborn drain blockages.

Three Step Drain cleaning Service

Drain Cleaning


With the use of high resolution CCTV drain cameras, we will be able to determine the exact cause of blocked drains 

Drain Cleaning


Apart from fat, oil and grease (FOG) causing massive blockages in your drains, a common cause of the blockage is tree roots. 

Drain Cleaning


We clear FOG debris and tree roots from wastewater systems and stormwater lines using a range or technological marvels. We also make use of the Miller Tools to grind away even the most stubborn drain blockages.

key Benefits


Let our specialised drain cleaning team educate you on best practices to avoid your drains becoming blocked in the future.


Our drain cleaning machine will effectively clean any sewer or stormwater drain ranging from 50mm to 200mm in diameter


A variety of cleaning nozzles, spinners and chains that allow us to tackle and clean fat, sand, debris or root infested drains.

Cost Effective

Our drain cleaning machinery allow for a cost effective and efficient cleaning capacity as our jets clean their way through pipes at a pressure of 220psi.


Track and trace underground networks that could become the cause of future blockages.

Nothing Is Impossible

Inspect! Any drain, any place, any time!

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